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FBs in Operations - The Answer

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Ok, I followed Iron Chef Sakai's advice in another thread and made my test.

I created a five battle Operation where the Germans with 25 Conscript JagdTigers are attacked by a single Elite Sharpshooter AND 20 Elite Fighter Bombers -"all on the map". The Germans were set up in VERY flat and VERY open terrain, while the lone Sharpshooter hid in some woods. Good weather was selected.

The first test Operation had clear weather in the first turn of the first battle and the FBs were obviously present throughout it. The following three battles with clear weather had no sign of the FBs at all. The last battle was overcast, so no FBs.

My other two test Operations had bad weather in the first battle and no FBs showed up for any of the clear weather battles that came after it. Even though one Operation had it's remaining four battles -all with clear weather.

The result of my tests show that Fighter Bombers do not hang around for any battle in an Operation other than the one they are scheduled to be in -period. It makes sense since each battle in an operation could be on different days as opposed to being all on the same day.


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