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Odd technical problem: combo of audio and video

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Whenever I play CM as the Germans, I experience this odd behavior in which I constantly hear somebody yell "mein Bein" and "volle Deckung!" Also, the little squad icon thingies keep disappearing; if I select the thing just before disappearance, I see this yellow line that runs from my German unit to somewhere else on the map, then my unit disappears.

I have only played one game as Allies, in which I kept hearing "let's get the hell out of here" and "I'm hit!"

What am I doing wrong?


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Volle Deckung! means full cover. Mein Bein means my leg! heh. The yellow line from your unit/squad/tank etc means incoming fire or you've been spotted. If you follow the yellow line it should lead to the enemy shooting at you.

Not sure about the squad icon. I would also suggest downloading Scipio's German voices sound mod if you haven't already. It's at www.warfarehq.com

Hope this helps

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