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What ISP's support large attachments

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I am having problems with my attachments in CMBO. I am only getting a partial .txt file. I understand that if my opponent compresses the files it will fix the problem with my ISP. My question is what ISP can I use to make it so I do not have to worry about compressing my game files. I just want to be able to send the files back and forth without doing this extra step. I am using MSN which I have been told is the problem with the partial files I am receiving.

Thanks for any help.

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Just about everyone has limitations on file attachements to email. Your best bet may be to call around your local ISPs and see if they place some sort of limit (they probably will).

Compressing a PBEM file is probably a good idea anyway. It should be a minimal hassle and should make transferring the file that much quicker because it's smaller (especially large movie files). While modems do a certain amount of automatic compression on plain text, I believe that compressing the files beforehand makes for smaller files.

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i find it difficult to believe this has anything to do with file size

i routinely send digital camera shots as attachments to my relatives that are exponentially larger than the largest PBEM file ever created

in fact, it's not unsual for me to send a dozen such pictures on one e-mail and nothing unusual happens whatsoever


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Keep in mind that Jpegs are tolerant of some errant bytes transposed or missing. CM is not.

For whatever reason, lots of isps drop parts of text files when they grow over 500k. It may also be a limitation of MS Outlook which I had been using in the past. It may also be a function of how you have your email setup. there was a excellent post last week or so about how to set up your email especially on a Mac.

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