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Watching Other People's Games

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Unzip the movie files and place them in your CM pbem folder. Then start CM and select "Join Multiplayer" then "Load Email" and select/open the first/next movie file from the pbem folder. When the game starts you will be asked to enter a password. The password will have been given to you from where you downloaded the movie files or will be contained inside the zip file you downloaded as may any specific instructions as to watching the movies.

Have fun!


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Originally posted by Gavrok:

Ive downloaded some files from the link above for one of the successful battles, in order to do a bit of learning

I dont know however how to open them up and watch the battle progress.

Any pointers for the Luddite here?

The public quickbattle files are not PBEM files, they are savegames. Get our passwords from the thread and open the files in hotseat mode.

You will not be able to see the same movie we had, though (shame).

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