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Trouble with downloaded Scenarios

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I've recently downloaded two scenarios (Tiger Woods from CMHQ & Liberation of Tulle from ASL2CM) that won't appear in my list of battles - I've renaming them etc but no luck.

Other newly downloaded scenarios work fine so I think the problems must relate to the cmb files themselves - I have over 220 files in my scenarios folder but I don't think that the number is the problem.

Is it that these scenarios were generated using the new TCP/IP Beta release 1.1 (I'm still running CM 1.05)?

Anyone else had problems?



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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by massimorocca:

Yes the 1.1 scenarios are unvisible for the game if you are still in 1.05. I've the same problem, they are here I can see it but they aren't in the scenario starting list.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>


Massimorocca is right. I made the mistake of creating "Tiger Woods" with the 1.1b version of CM. It can't even be loaded by the 1.05 scenario editor. I have asked BTS in another posting if there is anyway to convert it back to 1.05. Kwazydog says there is no way.

Sorry for the heartburn guys.


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