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German translation requested

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Can anyone tell me what the original German caption says?


It looks better in colour....


I am guessing it is a volunteer for the GD division in January 1944 - probably drawing his winter kit (looks like a white smock by his arm and a zeltbahn full of clothes - and he is wearing a winter sweater with an unusual zipper front).

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Hi Michael, I'll take a whack at it (loosely). I'm sure someone else will step with better:

Volunteers move into the Panzer Grenadier Divison 'Grossdeutschland'.


The Panzer Grenadier Division 'Grossdeutschland had its big day on Tuesday, Jan 25th, when it took a large number of volunteers into its midst. After the reception, down to business.

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Pict. No. A 126 052_______________________25.1.44

War voluteers join the Pz. Gren. Division "Grossdeutschland"

The Pz.Gren.Div. "GroƟdeutschland" had a big day yesterday, Tuesday January 25th, as they had

to welcome a big amount of war volunteers.

After getting their gear.. (/referring to the picture)

Pict.Book Heine - PBT

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Originally posted by Kanonier Reichmann:

The sobering thought is how young and fresh faced he looked and yet probably did not live another year of his life. :(


Jim R.

If he had any idea of the high casualty rate suffered by the GD, he wouldn't have that grin on his face, that's for sure.
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Originally posted by Michael Dorosh:

For every picture that was taken in WW II, you just know there were 20 or maybe 30 other pictures on the same roll of film. Would love to see the rest of what this guy shot.

The markings and numbers on the paper as well as the propangandistic style of the text itself IMO indicate an official war correspondant document. (That's maybe as well why the young soldierboy is "happy")
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