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A New One Coming your Way

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Just in case you might be interested in yet another scenario, this is my newest and it can be found at the "Boots N' Tracks" Combat Mision site.

I think you'll find it challenging and fun.

It is "The Fiery French."



Title: The Fiery French!

Type: French Attack vs German Defend

Date: Aug.12th, 1945

Location: South of Argentan

Weather: Clear

Terrain: Dry

Turns: 25

Scenario Author: Wild Bill Wilder

Scenario Description:

This battle can be fought from either side. It will also work well as a two player game.

As the French you are to break through German resistance between Sees and Ecouves to move on to Argentan. By capturing and holding the flags, you will win.

As the Germans, your task is to stop the French in their fiery advance to Argentan.

Historical Background:

The German failure to cut the supply lines of Patton's 3rd Army had left nearly all of Germany's remaining armor over-extended and in danger of being cut off.

If the German army in France were trapped in a giant encircling movement of the British 2nd Army and the American 1st and 3rd Armies,

the war might be brought to a much quicker conclusion.

The two armored divisions of General Haislip's XV Corps were to spearhead the drive northward through France to Argentan and Falaise. It was hoped that the Canadians and Poles pushing south would link up with the American and French tanks.

Lt. General Philippe LeClerc (actually a pseudonym of Captain Viscount Philippe de Hauteclocque) had been placed at the head of the newly formed French 2nd Armored Division ("2eme Division Blindee").

LeClerc went into battle as a part of Patton's recently arrived 3rd Army. When ordered by the Corps Commander to lead the way to Argentan, LeClerc determined he would arrive first, beating the US 5th Armored Division, at any cost.

Facing the French tanks were elements of the 116th, 2nd and 2nd SS Panzer Divisions moving east. A German defensive buffer zone had been hurriedly setup to avoid the trap closing on the Wehrmacht.

Dividing his force into three separate columns, the French general skirted the huge Forest d'Ecouves, even holding up fuel destined for the tanks of the US 5th.

It would not be long until they would have their hands full with a tough German defense from the 2nd Panzer Division just north near Ecouves.

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