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New scnerio, Udenbreth!

Guest Rommel22

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Guest Rommel22

Descripton: This is one of the First towns attacked by the Germans on December 16th in their operation to capture Antwerp. The town Udenberth, the town si small almost considered a village. The Allies are holy unprepared for the attack, (to simulate this the American troops are tired and cautious) this is an oppurtunity for the Wehrmacht to gain inatiative and catch the allies of gaurd. If the entire operation succeds the tide of war might be turned around. The faster the Germans progress the bigger the chance of succes. It should be quite easy for the Germans at the start, since the Americans won't be ready for an attack and are undermanned and poorly equiped to meet an all out attack.

Udenberth marks the beggining of the operation.

Philip "Rommel22" Svoboda


If you want to try the scenerio, just e-mail me or I will post it at CMHQ scenerio depot also.



From the Das Reich book as said by a German soldier

"when the Russians reached us, we opened fire, the first wave had no weapons.

The second wave didn't either (fire fodder). The 3rd and 4th had weapons and opened fire on us.

By this time we were low on ammo, but we drove them back."

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