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Customising Upgrades

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Engine: Current

Synopsis: Research affects can be fully customised in the editor.

Design Summary: Currently each of the research categories has a fixed affect on units and can only be applied to predetermined unit types. I propose that both game effects and applicable units should be able to be specified by the user in the game editor. A (simple?) interface would allow the user to decide the name of the research category and to alter the existing effects.

Example 1: Instead of the research category 'Anti-Aircraft', which currently only affects air attack/defence, bomber attack/defence and carrier attack/defence, a user could decide to tweak it to include Tank defence.

Example 2: Deciding to create a science fiction scenario (now who on Earth would consider doing that?:D), the user wants to change 'Infantry Weapons' to 'laser weaponry' and change it to include Soft attack/defence, Tank attack and air attack. This would allow the user to drastically increase the customisable namture of the editor.

Problem #1: Creating an easy to use interface to allow full customising may be a designer's nightmare!

Problem #2: This allows for changing the basis of the game (from a purely WWII oriented game) into any historical or ahistorical period the modder wishes. This may upset the purists!

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