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Max screen resolution of CMBB?

Mark S.

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Greetings from the Philippines!

Just got the game and I love it. Just one problem, since I cant enable FSAA (I have a Radeon 9600 pro) how can I change the screen resolution? I want to bump it up to 1280*1024 (currently at 1024*768 @85 hz) to compensate for for the FSAA problem. Thanks in advance.

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The CM series will support a maximum resolution of 1600x1200 at whatever refresh rate your card/monitor/drivers will support at that resolution (and DirectX will recognize).

You need to delete the Prefs file for whichever CM game you're running. This will force you to go through the resolution selection process again (on the PC). The maximum resolution that will be offered is your current desktop resolution. If you ever change the resolution for your desktop to one lower than what CM has been set for, you will go through the resolution selection process again.

On a Macintosh CM uses the current desktop resolution (or possibly lower). Deleting the Prefs file or lowering your desktop resolution beyond CM's setting will force CM to utilize the current desktop resolution.

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