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blown monitor?

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When I first tried to run the CM demo it turned my monitor off, as if it were changing res/colour settings, but then when it turned it back on it made this horrible screeching noise, the familiar noise of a monitor about to blow. Luckily I turned it off before any damage was done. I'm using an ATI Rage IIc, 2 voodoo2s SLI'd together and a generic monitor. Has anyone else run into a problem like this? Anyone know how to avoid it? fix it? anything?

Any info would be appreciated.



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I've heard some monitors make a "screeching" sound when they are being run at a resolution that they "dislike" for some reason or another. In the case of a monitor here at work it will screech at a low resolution/refresh rate, but the higher ones seem OK and noise free.

It may just be a case of running a certain resolution that is causing the Horizontal Output Transistor/Flyback assembly or possibly the power supply to screech. Since CM is cycling through resolutions (until you pick one) this may be the case. Otherwise it is probably indicative that one of your components is heating up abnormally and emitting noise, which may eventually lead to a failed component (which is unknown at this point).

Probably not much you can do other than to make sure that the ventilation grille on top of the monitor isn't blocked. You may want to direct some air (with a fan) into the vents to see if the screeching stops too.

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