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Guest xwormwood

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Guest xwormwood

Engine: Current

Synopsis: Improve after-game excitement though plenty more statistics and game history review

Design Summary:

When the game has ended (at least against the AI) there is no statistic and history feature comparable you had playing the game.

So give a player more infos about his finished game.

Show in a vcr fastforward-replay of the strategic map, how the colors changed on the map though winning and loosing territories.

Keep track for the players, when which city or ressource or unit was captured or lost or rebuild.

Create lots of more charts, e.g.:

- how many corps, tanks, destroyers etc were build / ... were destroyed

- compare strength axis / allies in 1939 / 1940 / 1941 ...

- compare income (as above)

- compare experience (as above)

- calculate body losse according to the unit losses (axis lost 5,6 milion men against allied 4,2)

Problem 1: how to programm a vcr fast-forward-feature-strategic map-feature?

Problem 2: history calculations might create light problems when players use the editor and change units

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