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How can I tell if this video card will fit on my motherboard?

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Hello all,

My motherboard - Abit NF-7S2

Currently have - Chaintech Nvidia GeForce Ti4600 128MB 4xAGP

Want to get - BFG GeForce™ 6800GT OC 256MB 4x/8xAGP

On BFG's website, it states that this card may not fit on certain AGP motherboards because of its size.

"This Graphics Card Requires:

An AGP 2.0 (or higher) compliant motherboard. Some motherboards violate the AGP specification and therefore this card may not physically fit in some systems."

How can I tell if the motherboard is AGP 2.0 (or higher)?

Thanks for any feedback in advance.

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Well there appears to be two different things being touched on here one is the transfer type version AGP setup and whether your getting proper voltage to the AGP slot on the motherboard and the other is the placement of the slot on the motherboard and how open it is around it plus also the room around the motherboard in the case.

Really the AGP version whether 1, 2 or 3 is the transfer ablity of data on the AGP bus.

One of the simplest ways to look at it is if I can remember correctly is that version 1 supported 1x and 2x transfer rates while AGP v2 supported that plus the 4x transfer rate and finally v3 supported those three and the 8x transfer rate.

What they're likely referring to is whether the manufacture took a cheap route and is feeding bad voltage to the AGP slot, I would think with an Abit motherboard especially with a nVidia chipset on it, you shouldn't have to worry about that.

From what I can see this motherboard has a version 3 AGP setup on it, and it looks clean around the slot for obstructions and I'm willing to bet you that the AGP slot is very much with in spec regarding good voltages to the slot.

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