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Does fog work on the ATI Radeon 9700 ?

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ATI video cards will NOT see fog. The drivers don't support fog-tables/particle fog under DirectX. I do not hold out hope that ANY driver update that ATI provides will change this situation. To my knowledge the support of particle fog/effects conflicts with ATI's driver development and their vertex processing. Therefore it is my guess that you will never see fog tables supported by ATI.

On the PC you will not see fog in CMBO or CMBB. I have no idea how CM II (the next CM), which will most likley be an OpenGL game, will handle fog. It's possible the fog effects that will be utilized under that graphic API may work (and be different from CMB0/CMBB).

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one follow up note

just read on bluesnews that new drivers are out from ATI that improve performance substantially for the 9700 in particular

specifically they are supposed to improve anisotropic filtering by 20-40% and anti-aliasing by 15-35%

for those here with the 9700 you'll definitely want to grab'em


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