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CMAK will not install (CDV) version - help apprecated.

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Having just upgraded my system I am attempting to reinstall CMAK the CDV version. It does not Autorun when inserted into the drive which is odd because my other software does.

I have checked the readme file on the CDV disk and also the troubleshooting guide on this site and both suggests browsing to a setup.exe file. Unfortunately this doesn't help as there is no setup.exe file.

There is a silent.exe file which when double clicked upon appears to do nothing at all. That is the only .exe file on the disk.

If anyone can help me reinstall one of my favourite games it will be much appreciated. Hopefully then I can get around to finishing my Beda Fomm scenario after 3 months :rolleyes::D

[Edit] to add - using Windows XP Pro and this screenie of the CMAK CDV file layout may help:


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I'm not familiar with the CDV version, but what is in the "SecuROM" directory ? The installer may be in that directory (though I don't know what it would be called).

Open up the "Autorun.inf" file in a text editor and checkout what it has. It should indicate the files to run (which may automatically start the install process).

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