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Hi i cant see this anywhere in the manual ,so how when making a custom scenario,can i use the custom map`s available ie: eagle`s nest ect ,i mean what do i press to enable it to be come ready to put the unit`s on ,i can only find make a new map ,and random map ? thank`s and one other thing i believe it`s a los thing but i get tank`s that dont looked fully formed ,just square boxe`s with gun`s but they do fire and they do disapear i presume it`s when they are not in the nearest los and have no identification am i right? thank`s again , ps great game

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I think you have to load it. first go into program files and cut and paste it from the scenarios folder to the saved games folder. now in the custom map screen load it using load game. now you can use the map any way you want. Dont know how the original designers feel but as long as you are using it for personal games I dont think theyll mind.

The above is just what I think dont blame me if im wrong.

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