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Guest xwormwood

Engine: modified current (WAW) / New

Synopsis: introduce a campaign-style game a la Peoples General / Panzer General II

Design Summary:

Use the already existing game system to recreate games in the late Peoples/Panzer General-style.

Panzer General

Allied General

Fantasy General

Peoples General

Each one of these games is still waiting for a capable successor.

After playing the WAW-add on it seems not such a big step to use this or a slightly improved game engine to make successors possible.

Problem 1: obviously quite a lot, because up to now SC doesn't include a linked campaign game, even though there are a couple of scenarios, which would make a fine start if linked somehow together...

Sorry if this entry is somewhat lame when it comes to describe further details or specific problems, but maybe we should start with more details as soon as it becomes a real chance that such a campaign-game might get a "go!" from our beloved HC.


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