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Cisco 675 DSL router = problem?

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I'm not familiar with configuring the Cisco routers (IOS and all...). I'm guessing that your router uses NAT & DHCP (and your IP address is something like 192.168....). If that is the case then you'll need to configure it to allow at least TCP port 7023 (and possibly 7024) to map through (or whatever jargon is appropriate for your router) to your computer. With these ports open CMBO can communicate with another computer running CMBO.

Here are some instructions (using Telnet) to configure your Cisco 675. I believe that there is probably some HTML configuration pages for the 675 too. Check your documentation for the 675.

Telnet/Serial setup of Cisco 675

Telnet Port configuration on Cisco 675null

Here's some additional info on updating the Cisco 675's OS (CBOS) and other things such as fixing a Code Red worm infection, etc.:

CBOS update for Cisco 675

Hopefully in this myriad of URLs you'll find what you need.

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Thank you, BTS is helpful and prompt as usual.

I had found some Cisco configuration pages last night, wanted to verify whether I missed something "obvious". (read: easier)

To configure the router I have to build a cable with a COM connector at one end, and an RJ45 at the other. This to connect to the router from my COM2 port to its Mgmt port.

Once I do that I am to open Windows HyperTeminal and connect to the router, upload the management software into it, then install a software on my laptop, run that software, and finally change just one line in the router's table to free port 7023.


I was hoping it was something simpler...

I sent an e-mail to my ISP to ask them what I should do, this will be amusing as I'm sure they won't like the idea of my hacking into their Cisco router :D

Thanks again.

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Woah there, I don't think Schrull meant to crack into your ISP's router. I think he assumed you had a home router/firewall/switch, as many of us do.

If you don't have your own, you'll need to ask your ISP to allow incoming traffic on 7023, and perhaps route it to your house if that's even feasible. Of course, they probably won't do something like that without a hefty charge. Perhaps your friend should host the game? smile.gif

Either way, you may have trouble finding a cable long enought to reach your ISP's router. ;)


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You may not need to do anything, but I assume that the port may be blocked by the router as a default (and only common internet applications/games have predefined ports opened by default). Before you do anything, attempt a game and see if it goes through.

I haven't personally messed around with the Cisco DSL/Cable routers. You may not need to update the CBOS. There are certain commands, once you've hooked up to the management port, that you can apply to your router alone (which I assume you're leasing from your ISP). These changes should be of no consequence to your ISP. I pretty sure that there is a button or command that will reset all settings back to a CMOS default. So unless you corrupt the CBOS during the update (which - if it did happen - would require you to return the unit to your ISP for service). Again the CBOS firmware update may be unnecessary. I believe the latest firmware/OS gives you some additional features (and possibly some different defaults). I believe that there is a 'management cable' that you can purchase rather than make yourself (unless you're into that sort of thing); a well stocked network/Cisco oriented reseller should be able to get one for you (though it may cost more than you'd be willing to fork out).

I don't think that there is any software that you would have to download in order to configure the Cisco router. A serial/telnet-like session with some text-based commands should be all that is necessary to forward the necessary ports. Your ISP should be able to guide you through the process if you don't trust the info in the above listed websites.

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Schrullenhaft is rite again (: there shouldn't be any issues messing with your router, you probably paid a lot of money for the setup (; Updating the CBOS is a good idea to protect against some of the newer virii (Code Red).

Usually the management cable comes with the router, mine's a nice light blue color (; one end has a phone-type plug, the other a serial connection...it just lets you connect to the router thru the serial port, thru a terminal program like Hyperterm. If you know the IP address of your router, you can also gain access to it thru a web browser, if that feature is turned on in your router, it's a little easier to work in than the telnet session. Your ISP can definately help you out with this, and they shouldn't have any problems with it at all...the trick is getting a support guy that knows how (: If worse comes to worse, you can always contact your ISP and ask them how much it would be to setup static IP's. This will setup your router with an address that your computers will use as a gateway to the internet, and the computers will have internet-usable IP address's...this works around the whole NAT thing. Of course, at that point you're wide open to the 'net, but ZoneAlarm is free (;

Just thought about this, if your friend has the same setup, he just might have to do the same thing...You both need to be able to have those ports accessible for it all to work (: Good Luck! (:

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