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Copying OE message folders to new PC???

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Now I'm really quite stuffed here :-( I have at last bought a new PC and still have my old one in a cupboard. Only thing I haven't resolved is that I have a LOAD of e-mail messages relating to CM in countless sub folders of one CM folder in Outlook Express.

Now I've ploughed through the Help and searched the disc but can't for the life of me figure out how I can find what I would have thought would be a ralatively easy folder to find to copy it across to the new machine??? I would probably use a USB stick. Last thing I want to do is copy the content out from the mails into a million page Word or Notepad file. Any help appreciated.

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Your mailboxes will be found in the following directory (a bunch of .DBX files):

C:\Documents and Settings\(your account name)\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities\(a long alphanumeric string that corresponds to a registry key - hopefully there's only one)\Microsoft\Outlook Express

I'm not sure off-hand if you can just copy these files over to the corresponding directory on your new machine, what you may want to do is to create your accounts within Outlook Express and then go to File > Import > Messages... and go through this process to bring in your old mail.

Hopefully that should work for you. If you want your old addressbook it can be found at:

C:\Documents and Settings\(account name)\Application Data\Microsoft\Address Book

The .WAB file in there is your addressbook that you can copy over to the same directory on your current install.

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