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Loading game into scenario editor

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I may be making a dumb mistake, but... I have created several scenarios using the scenario editor. My problem is that the only scenario I can re-edit after playing is the first one. The second defies all my attempts to reload and edit out some inconsistencies. I did not use the

tournament save option. Symptoms of the problem.

1) Colesburg maintains its 'saved game' status on the 'Play Scenario' menu. Even after aborting the scenario, quitting the scenario, and surrendering in the scenario, it still won't change its status.

2) I tried moving it from the saved folder to the scenario folder with no change in status.

3) The saved status itself seems to be stuck on turn 30 (of 50). Advancing past this turn and re-saving doesn't advance past turn 30.

4) The protections on this created scenario are the same as the first (which I can re-load).

I hope someone can help. I put ~2 weeks worth of work (off and on) into this scenario, and would like to polish it up some. Any info you can

provide would be very appreciated.


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I don't think I completely comprehend what your problem is, but this is what I assume it is...

If you play a scenario after creating it, but before you've moved it from the Saved Games folder, then you're going to overwrite the scenario. This should only happen if you perform an intentional save of the game using its original filename (otherwise the automatic saves should just be 'Autosave' files). The scenario is then overwritten with a 'saved game' file and is no longer a scenario that you can edit and play from the start. An intentional save can be renamed different to avoid this, but the default name offered in the dialog box is the scenario name itself.

Unfortunately there is no known recovery of these files to convert them back to editable scenarios.

I highly suggest moving scenarios to the Scenario folder immediately before playing or even before you're finished creating them.

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