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new specs for cmbb

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There is no PII 800MHz CPU, so that would be a Pentium III (I'm fairly certain this isn't a Celeron either). That's the recommended system CPU speed and not a miniumum speed.

The disk space needed should be somewhere around 1.2Gb for the full version.

The list of problem video cards varies depending on what you consider a 'problem'. Some video cards don't support all the features of CM, while others work, but if you enable certain features of the video card you may have a display problem in CM. On the PC video cards based on the TNT/GeForce line of NVidia chips have been a relatively safe recommendation (though some driver versions may cause problems with CM). On the Mac most ATI video cards (or built-in ATI video chips) with 8Mb of VRAM or more are probably the best recommendation.

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I will add that I have played a fair amount of CMBB on a celeron 800, and never had any issues save some larger fights do take a little while to process. Ingame the speed was just fine.

This was the beta version too, which is running with alot of debugging overhead. The final will be even less taxing. Bottom line, dont worry if you are running better than 500mhz or so.


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