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no intro movie


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I know this seems like a trivial problem but I've been having trouble with other games(eg Shogun TW)and I'm wondering if finding out the cause of this CM problem will help me out.

When I start CM I do not see the intro movie.

I have never hit the shift key while starting the game. I have never seen the movie after deleting and redoing the preference file.

I have Windows ME with Windows Media Player.

I've noticed that when I open Windows Media player and play the movie directly it works but theres no sound.

Anybody know whats going on.

thanks :rolleyes:

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The Intro Movie is a QuickTime video format. It appears that your Media Player has the codec to play back this video. If QuickTime isn't installed on your computer the Intro Movie won't play back. I'm not sure what components of QuickTime are called up to play the movie, but it seems that some code (a .DLL perhaps) is required of the QuickTime player to playback the movies; Media Player isn't enough. I believe the soundtrack to the movie is a WAV file however, so that will play.

You can download QuickTime here (select the 'Download' listing at the top of the screen in the green bar).

[ 12-31-2001: Message edited by: Schrullenhaft ]</p>

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