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Problem with CMBO


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I installed it just fine and launched it and it did the video check or whatever and i tryed to play a map but it said generating 3d graphics for awhile till i force closed it, now whenever i try to launch it, a blank screen comes up then it says "Sync, out of range." what can i do?

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When CM is displaying resolutions to select, it will often start at the highest refresh rate offered at that resolution by your videocard. This may be beyond your monitor's capacity to display, hence the "sync out of range" message on the screen.

All you have to do is wait (and don't press any keys). CM will automatically try the next lower refresh rate until it eventually reaches 60Hz. You should see one of these resolution/refresh-rate combinations on your screen. I suggest selecting the refresh rate that matches your desktop's refresh rate. Assuming that this doesn't prove to be a performance problem in CM (the resolution, not the refresh rate), the advantage is that the screen is properly adjusted already.

Regarding the "Loading 3D Graphics" message, how long was it on the screen and were you loading a particular scenario or a small QuickBattle ? Sometimes this message can remain on the screen for awhile, depending on how large of a scenario you've selected. Which videocard do you have and what driver version do you have installed ?

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