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odd agp problem

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Just got a new FIC Ad11 mobo about a month ago and been struggling with the same AGP prob since.

Got an Aopen Geforce2 MX400 the thing might work OK for a few days and then no video, but soon as I put my old PCI voodoo card in everthings fine.

I've been racking my brain on this for the last month to no avail, someone please help me I'm going nuts.

(P.S. both the mobo and the card have been exchanged for new ones so I know it's not a bad part) :mad: :confused:

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The FIC AD11 motherboard uses an AMD 761 northbridge chipset and a VIA 686B southbridge chipset. If you haven't already, I'd suggest installing the AGP driver for the AMD chipset which you can get here.

Another possibility may be that your power supply can't provide enough electrical current at times to power both the CPU's needs and the AGP adapter's needs. I assume that when you say that you have 'no video' that you are speaking of when you first turn on your computer and not when you attempt to start CM's 3D screen, is this correct ? A PCI card will typically not make the same electrical current demands that some AGP cards will. Usually you'll want to pair a 300+W power supply with any of the AMD CPUs since they have high current requirements. The more items you have plugged into your motherboard (PCI cards) and the more drives (CD, hard drive, etc.) hooked up to the power supply, the less overall current you'll have to run the CPU and video card. You may be at the very edge of what your power supply can reliably provide to your system as it is currently configured.

Though this should have almost no bearing on your problem there is a BIOS update to your motherboard - ABA46 which you can link to from here, which was released on Jan. 10, 2002.

Problems that you have in Windows itself may be addressed by the AMD AGP driver. Problems with no video before Windows loads up will most likely be due to the power supply, motherboard compatibility or CMOS/BIOS settings for the AGP port. A PCI card like your Voodoo card can get around some of these problems (and if you need to change some of your AGP settings in CMOS/BIOS, you may need it installed in order to do so or just clear them to the default).

[ 01-14-2002: Message edited by: Schrullenhaft ]</p>

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