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Sherbrooke Fusiliers

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NOT bug. It's part of the game.

Reinforcements are not for-sure in battles, unless they're designed that way. The scenario maker can set the first turn for the reserves to possibly appear, and also a % chance that the reserves will show on that, or any later, turn. The reserves might appear each turn after their first possible. In S.Fusiliers, it's probable that the reserves MIGHT appear on turn 7, but it's only a 50% or whatever chance. Each turn after 7 they have the same 50% or whatever chance to appear.

Also, all this is covered in great detail in the manual. There's also lotsa cool crap in there. I lost mine (sniff).


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Oh that is one of my all time favorite scenarios.

Your reinforcments will come!

Not to spoil anything, but you will be very pleased when they do!

No garauntee when though. Just make sure your moral stays above 15%.


The counter-revolution,

people smilling through their tears.

Who can give them back their lives, and all those wasted years.

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