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Vid problem with G400 plus Voodoo2...help?

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My system has a G400Max (Matrox) and a pair of Voodoo2 SLIed together. I have no problems getting the game to work with Voodoo2, but can't get it to work with G400 at all. Anyone running CM with a G400Max or G400? For Direct3D I really rather use the G400, it's be a bunch faster then a 2 generations old V2 SLI.



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I don't have a Voodoo 2 to reference on this, but I'm guessing that you can disable DirectX support by your Voodoos. You would then need to delete you CM prefs file and then load CM up again. When you're selecting resolutions it should say "Primary Display" (or something to that effect) underneath the resolution and refresh rate.

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