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XP SP2...any issues with CM

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My tech support guy said many games that are TCP enabled are having serious issues with the SP2 from Microsoft. Has anyone here upgarded to XP SP2 with or without problems?

It seems Microsoft is fixing the security issues with XP by cutting off access to the internet. I also heard Kazaa and some other P2P systems are shut out.

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That seems to be the major problem. A news snippet from another site:

"The problems, according to Microsoft, are caused by the Windows XP Firewall, which is set to block certain Internet connections. SP2's firewall settings are configured by default to a high level of security, which prevents certain data from being transmitted to and from the 50 applications which are listed by Microsoft. Among the affected applications that conflict with SP2 are the Microsoft Web serverRelevant Products/Services from Microsoft, FTP clients, multimedia streaming software, and new mail notifications in some e-mail programs."

For CM's TCP/IP games this will mean that Microsoft's XP Firewall will either need to be disabled or modified to have TCP Port 7023 opened (by 'adding a service' from the Firewall's settings tabs). Beyond this I believe that SP2 should be OK with CM, though there's always a possibility of other problems on the computer resulting from the SP2 patch.

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I have a Matrox P650 (Dual-DVI) running Windows XP Pro. Last week I updated to SP2 and now both CMBB and CMAK both lock-up when I start a battle.

Both programs were working fine before I installed SP2. Matrox has been advising their customers not to update to SP2 yet.

I guess I'll have to wait for a new driver or get a new video card (faster...)

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i just finished a third install of cmak, post sp2. only problem i had was the mcafee av. i thought that exiting the tray icon would shut it off. it didnt and it took me three tries to get it loaded.

other than that, all 6 cm installs and mcmmm work fine. i havent tried cmmos yet.

uploads and downloads at cmmods, tpg, tsd, fine.

i turned off win firewall because i use another.

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