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I just bought the Bundle pack of Africa Korps and Berlin to Barbarossa. And the problem is it installs fine I click to play it and it goes to a balck screen then my monitor clicks off and I can only get out of it by alt-tabing. THis occurs on both games. I tried everything in the troubleshooter and on here and it still does not work. I tried downloading patches and reinstalling and that did not work either. I can alt-tab and click on the icon but it only takes me back to the black screen where it then clicks my monitor off again. My computer is a P4 Windows XP at 3.2 ghz and has 1024 md RDram also I have an FX5200 Video Card with the latest drivers and the latest drivers for DirectX any help would be greatly appreciated


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The very first thing that happens when you launch any of the CM titles (on a PC) is that you will be presented with a resolution selection process. CM will start out with a black screen listing the resolution it is currently attempting in a box in the middle of that screen. There are buttons in this box to Select or Skip this resolution and refresh rate. CM will start at your current desktop resolution, but it may try that resolution at a much higher refresh rate than what you may be currently running or that your monitor may be capable of displaying. CM gets this info from the video driver, which may overmatch your monitor's capabilities.

What may be happening here is that the initial refresh rate that your videocard is putting out is too high for your monitor to accept. Monitors can react differently to frequencies they can't properly display. Some will give a message of 'out of range', others will go black, etc.

I suggest launching CM again and waiting for awhile. CM should eventually (and automatically) try some lower refresh rates that should display on your monitor. You may want to double-check your current refresh rate and select that when it gets displayed, since your monitor will be adjusted for that resolution and refresh rate already.

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