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CMBO Scenario Window Probloem

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I purchased CMBO about a year ago from you guys.

The game was wonderful except for a problem I had with the scenario window. I could scroll and choose scenarios from the first window that appeared, but when trying to choose the second and third windows, I had no luck. I could view these windows, but could not scroll. When I clicked on a scenario, the window would return to the opening window.

My system is a 12XL 325 Compac Pentium III (laptop)64 mg ram, 32 bit file sys. 32 bit virtual memory, and 32 bit PC card.

Thank You,

Tom Samford

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I don't understand the difference between 'scroll' and 'view'. You use the up and down arrow buttons in the upper right hand corner of the scenario selection screen to view the next page full of scenarios (or operations if you're viewing them). CMBO does not support the scroll button of mice.

As for why you select a scenario and it takes you back to the first screen of scenarios, I don't know why that would be happening. Though no patches have been written that address any issues such as these... what version are you running, 1.12 ? I'd suggest running a scandisk on your hard drive and possibly pulling out all of the scenarios in the C:\PROGRAM FILES\CMBO\SCENARIOS directory and then adding a few at a time (and launching CM after adding the scenarios) and see if your problem remains. You may also want to repatch CM (but I'd assume that you'd have far more problems if it were a problem with the executable itself).

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