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Slowdown in map editor screen

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Having a problem while editing large maps in CMAK and BB. I have been working on some large maps for CMAK operations and whenever I try to scroll the map in the editor screen it takes forever. After clicking on the compass in the editor screen it takes about 12 seconds or so before registering and for the map to scroll one click(both verticaly and horizontaly).

I never had this problem before my motherboard went up and I replaced it with a better one (or so I thought). The games play fine and I have no problems in preview mode, only in the map editor screen. I am running a p4 3.0 gig with 2 gigs of RAM and BFG 6800 GT. I really would like to make another 4kx8k map for another installment in my Normandy battles series but at this pace I dont think its gonna happen.

Any suggestions appreciated.

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I've heard of these complaints before when it comes to the Nvidia drivers. It seems 30.8x was the last one that didn't have this problem. Later drivers seemed to bring it out. Unfortunately these later drivers are absolutely essential for most of the newer videocard out there (post GeForce 4 family). There seems to be a definite performance bug in Nvidia's 2D for DirectX, though I doubt that Nvidia would identify any of the routines as bug-laden.

I don't know if changing the resolution can help at all or not. Can you match your desktop resolution and refresh rate to your CM resolution and refresh rate ?

You may also want to unload as much Nvidia-related programs that may be loading up at startup (though I have no idea if this will help anything). It's also possible that one of the 3D-related DirectX settings (filtering, anti-aliasing, etc.) may have problems with CM in 2D, so it may be worth messing around with those settings.

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