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Originally posted by Lane:

Played British Vs German what surprised me was I would order troops too attack a German tank and

they would go out there and throw hand grenades

under the tank. A bunch of " Metal of Honor" guys.

It may be more Realistic in CMMBB but have not

seen much of that.

A valid tactic when the proverbial dukie has hit the fan. smile.gif In my long, illustrious career in CMBO I've had to resort to that tactic three times that I can remember. Currently my record is Infantry: 2 and Tanks: 1. (Panzerfaust's where not involved in any of the encounters. Just ol fashion grenades)

Am I to understand that they do not tend to do this in CMBB.

BTW, I haven't played CMBB and really don't intend too. I was never a big fan (for lack of a better term) of the Eastern Front.

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Still play the both because CMBO spoiled me for other war games (Just can't get into turn based or RTS anymore). Plus I am still trying to perfect my Battle of Hosingen Operation. Need to upgrade my machine so I can start playing the Stalingrad operations.

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I stopped playing CMBO the moment CMBB appeared on the shelves in France. Now I'm wondering how to get back into Beyond Overlord. I see that a lot of people here have stuck with it because they've downloaded lots of mods to improve the CMBO graphics. Now, I'm thinking that this might be the way to go about rekindling my interest in the original game. Can someone suggest a good place to start, as I've NEVER downloaded a single mod before? I have a few questions about the way you go about it:

Do you think I should stick to one "modder's" work so that there is a consistency of style across the board? If so, who is recognised as the "best" of the bunch? Or the most prolific? Or don't you think that this matters at all?

I've seen specific "winter" mods, but I don't remember if the original game had separate BMPs for vehicles and uniforms for summer and winter. If I use winter mods does this mean that I have to remove them again, every time I want to play a summer battle? Is there a way of making this easier to do, or do I have to manually add and remove them one by one each time? Can I keep them in separate folders, and change the whole lot in one go? How long does this process take?

What is CMMOS? Do I need to know?

I have loads of space on my HD, and plenty of RAM, so I don't need to worry about the hi-res graphics taking up too much space, or slowing the game down, do I?

Any idea what percentage of the vehicles, uniforms etc. available in CMBO have been modded? If I'm going to do this, I don't want to do it half-assed. I'm willing to spend quite a bit of time over it. I have a DSL modem, so d/l speeds should be quite good. Has anyone ever attempted to do this operation on the scale I'm suggesting? I'm assuming that most people here have added mods one by one to their collections as they've been completed and made available.

Sorry if these questions seem stupid, but I really haven't gone into this side of CM at all, except for taking the very occasional peek at some of the artwork. There are clearly some talented people out there.

Thanks for any help you can give me on this!

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Just thought I'd drop in my 2cents...

I have both BB and BO. I just went away for the holidays and brought my Mac laptop and the only game I have that I can play on it, CM:BO. I played 4 games of Quick Battle and started a historical scenario on the plane home...

BB is good, but I don't find it remarkably better. I remain convinced the game (and I mean both) are my "Desert Island" game - the one I'd want if I could only have one game...that's saying a lot for me.

Get 'em.

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