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Counter Diplomacy Efforts


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Engine: Current

Summary: Players can attempt to neutralize enemy diplomacy chits with a counter diplomacy chit.


Players can attempt to neutralize enemy diplomacy chits. The chance is 25% + 10% per Intel Tech Level. Each Counter Chit costs 50MPP.


UK with Intel Level 1 purchases a Counter Diplomacy Chit to use against Spain. The chit has a 35% (25% base chance + 10% for Intel Level) to remove an Axis diplomacy chit, if one is being used against Spain. If the Axis have not invested any chits in Spain then the Allied chit expenditure is wasted.

If Successful a Popup visible to all says:

"[Axis] Diplomat Expelled from [spain]"

Cons: Do we really want to offer more diplomatic options?

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