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You're both on the same version of the game, correct ? I'd suggest opening the game yourself to make sure that you don't get the same behavior. Possibly open up the game in the editor, change something, and save it again. Try it out again to make sure that it doesn't crash for you.

Does this scenario have large maps or a lot of units ?

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I opened the zip and extracted the file to a different install on my system. (i have 3 CMAKs on two drive letters.) It opened fine for playing.

I started the game in the original install it was fine.

Small map, infantry only, light snow, night, clear. maybe 4 companies combined.

Both 1.01 afaik.

I sent it on to another friend, waiting for feedback.

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That would do it for a Mac. You can use commas in folder names, but they can cause problems with files on the Mac side. I also have the same problem that you have with some battles in the past: meaning that some people could play a file while others could not.

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