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PBEM With Mac and Windows

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Guest Chris B

>I've been trying to start a PBEM game with a friend who is using CM on a PC running Win 98. When he sent me a PBEM file, I received nothing but an endless list of alphanumeric characters.

>Anyone ever conduct a cross-platform game like this?

Yes, this should be no problem. Looks more like a file transfer problem, than a CM related problem.

The file should look like this:

----------------- Play-By-Email Data Follows This Line -----------------

lots of lines of characters

---------------------- End of Play-By-Email Data -----------------------

If it does not, it is because you have failed to decode the file. Hard to say what is wrong without an example, but try opening the file with StuffitExpander or Mindexpander. Possibly you are getting a base64 file (Standard Internet encoding) and saved it as text without converting it to what it should be (the pbem file), it could also be a zip file that you saved as a file. You can also try opening the file in Netscape or Explorer. The name of the file usually gives a clue to what it is. Like .zip is a zip archive etc.

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I've been playing a pc opponet for quite some time. All we do is attach the game file. Don't compress it just attach it. Also make sure you leave the .txt on the end of the file name or you pc counterpart will not bealbe to load it into combat mission too easily. Remember compression is not needed!

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