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What about the french customers ?

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Hello !

I am writing here because I have no answer when I write to the Battlefront.com HQ. I hope that I will get more help here.

I ordered CM on the 03 jan 01. Since I am always waiting. Battlefront tried to withdraw (is it the right word ?) 55$ on the 03 jan 01, but unsuccessfully. My bank said that everything was allright on my account. I have sent, hmmm, about 3 or 4 E-mails, but nobody has answered. I have re-ordered on the 28 feb 01. Same thing : nothing appears on my account.

What is the matter here ?

Unfortunately, I am not alone in this case : some friends are always waiting (visit the french site Appui-Feu with the following topic : Delai de livraison postal).

Thank you for the members of this forum to give us some informations.

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Guest Madmatt

I got your email and forwarded ahead it the correct person. You said that two attempts were made to process but both failed. If this was a credit card and it didn't get through then my guess is that you gave us the wrong expiration date.

Please email me with the method of payment and if it was a credit card I will also need the expiration date. Also re-send your full address as well.


We read every email that we get but most of last week and some of this week I and Steve have been on the road and unable to get back with everyone immediately.


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=> Madmatt,

I receive your answer by Mail last week.

I give my full address, the type and date expiration of my card.

(What about the card number?)

Does the order is complete now ?

I'm now in the same situation of Francky. And we still wait your confirmation.

PS : I order this game the 12/23/2000.

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