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CMBB runs like crap... :(

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I have just bought CMBB, and it runs like crap on my machine...

Please help me, i really like the game but not if i only can play tiny maps!

My machine:

1.8+ Ghz

256 RAM


The systemrequirements:

233 Mhz

64 RAM

DirectX 8.0 - compatible

Can you see what i mean? Can i do something about it?

Over and out...

Apoc.dk (my first post here) :D

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I'll second that. In particular there was one of the 4x.xx series which slowed CMBB down to a crawl (~1-2 frames per second according to FRAPS). Can't remember the exact revision number (42.something I think).

In addition, with a GF4MX card don't expect to be able to run sensibly with FSAA and AF turned up to the max. The GF4MX is a GeForce 4 in name only.

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