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Display Problem

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I recently purchased your Combat Mission Barbarossa to Berlin, Order #91771.

I have a Mac Power PC G3. It runs at 400 MHz with 384 MB built in memory. It has and ATY, Rage 128y display card. The card model is ATY, Rage 128. I run Mac OS 9.2.

The game loaded off the disk onto the hard drive without problem. When I attempted to play the game, the opening screen and display loaded ok. The game selection dialogue and menu loaded and operated just fine. However, when I selected a battle scenario, the screen was totally black with the exception of a grey rectangle centered in the middle of the screen with a white bar in the middle. The sound files for the scenario loaded properly. I have read the trouble shooting guide and am unable to find a solution.

I need a fix. Please advise.

Dennis K. Pflug

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You may want to double-check the extensions that are loading up. Sometimes NVidia extensions are set to load up when the card isn't present.

I'm not sure exactly which extensions need to load as there are several of them for video cards. Some of the following will definitely need to load up:

ATI Resource Manager

ATI Graphics Accelerator

ATI Rage 128 3D Accelerator

ATI Video Accelerator

ATI 3D Accelerator

There may also be a RAVE-related driver (though I don't know its name or if it is built-into one of the above files) and an OpenGL extension too that should be loading up.

I'm not sure if the QuickTime installation will also make a difference since it updates some files, so you may want to install the latest version (6.x) and see if that helps any.

I don't know if OS 9.2.2 has any updated ATI drivers that may help your situation or not, so an OS update/upgrade may be something else worth considering.

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