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Even MORE New Fallschirmjäger MODS Released!

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I have never read a review that made me less sure of humanity's ability to finish out the decade, let alone the next millenium.

Obviously this 'Reviewer' [of CMBB] is capable of using a computer, and even finding employment (or at least the right to display their almost inspired lack of intelligence under the auspices of an organization), but it's equally clear that they're both incapable, and unashamed of their inability, to actually come to grips with something that requires more intelligent focus and mental participation than an arcade game. On this planet thousands are daily made homeless, crippled, and even killed in pointless and heart-rending incidents of political, ethnic and religious conflict. If any such incident had managed to whack this reviewer, we'd have to consider it worth the anguishSeanachai, CMBB Forum, 10/12/2002.

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