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What's this tank

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Originally posted by Don:

7.5cm PaK40/2 auf Fahrgestell Panzerkampfwagen II (Sf) (Sd Kfz 131)

Don't ask me what that mouthful of techno-german translates out to precisely, just call it a Marder II

576 built from June 1942 to June 1943

75 converted from PzKpfw II from July '43 to March '44


I'll put my encyclopedia of German Tanks away now.

Better just whip it out and take another peek (I'm guessing the page layout on p. 38 of Chamberlain, Doyle and Jentz has misled you).

It's a Pz Sf 1 fur 7.62cm PaK36® auf Fgstl PzKw II Ausf D1 und D2. The Sd Kfz number is indeed 132 but the weapon is the captured Soviet 76.2mm, not the PaK 40.

201 converted from Apr 1942 to Jun 1943.

I tend to call this beastie by the short name LaS 76.2, reserving "Marder II" for the Sd Kfz 131. Chamberlain, Doyle & Jentz do not give Marder II an alternative designation for the Sd Kfz 132, but it was referred to as Marder II in Chamberlain & Ellis' previous "Panzerjager".

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I stand corrected. I was looking at the wrong pictures! I have brought shame to myself and my family ;) Twice the shame in fact because Alan hobbies of Russia does a plastic kit of the Marder II D. Thanks for the save John, it's a great book isn't it!

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