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CMAK kills drive

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I've tried everything now. I waited for over half an hour for my computer to find the CMAK CD but nothing happens.

First of all, if the CD is in the drive when I start the computer it finds the CMAK CD and displays the content for about five seconds, then it powers down the drive and I can't run anything else on it until I restart the computer. I've had no problems with CMBO or CMBB, both is on my hard drive and running well.

I'm running on XP with a new computer. Everything is updated and working fine. I have the non-CDV version of the game.



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Have you been unable to install CMAK ? When you say "displays the content" do you mean just reading the directory structure or autorunning the install program ? Do you have problems reading any other CDs on this drive ? The copy-protection scheme on the BFC versions of CMAK would not prevent the CD from being read by most drives.

I don't see why this drive would 'shut down' just because it read the CMAK CD. Do you have any particular software running in the background that automatically launches/scans CD/DVDs inserted into the drive ?

I'd suggest making sure that everything has been shutdown before inserting the CMAK CD. This includes anti-virus utilities and anything else that is sitting in memory. You may also want to check the 'Event Viewer' from the Administrative Tools portion of the Control Panel to see if there are any errors with your system.

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