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New scenario at The Scenario Zone

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To get it, or learn more about it head over to the scenario zone.

Here is the battles background info.

Title: Only One way to get there (1.0)

Type: American attack (Fictional)

Place: In and around Berenvill France (American sector)

Date: June 15th 1944

Weather: Clear

Length: 40 Turns

Ground Condition: Dry

Best First Played as: Ether side, could work fairly well as a PBEM battle.

After nine days of fighting in Normandy, American commanders ordered their men to find a way to brake out from the bocage regions, and get into open territory. At the time there was only one American division close enough to the open country to have any success. During the last nine days American forces had taken hundreds of casualties in the bocage territory, and it was deflating American troops morale. With the prospect of being held up in the North western part of Normandy for a month or more, at the rate they where going didn't hold well with the Allied high command. The problem was that the Germans were preparing a counter attack in the sector that the Americans planning to use for there own attack. After three days of German counter attacks, the Americans launched there attack towards Berenvill. During the next three hours the American 125th Infantry Regiment, slowly moved in the direction of Berenvill.

However, two German infantry battalions moved into the area around Berenvill, at the same time.

Late in the afternoon the American troops came to a crossroad just North of Berenvill, and they prepared for their attack down the main road...

Made and Tested by the Combat Scenario Design Team

Scenario Designer: Rob the "Panzerman" Disney

Scenario Testers: Rob the "Panzerman" Disney, Tom Grace

Note to all, in testing vs. the AI we found that it used tons of smoke when on defence, and when on the attack it used very little, if any. That's all for now.

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