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Guest xwormwood

Engine: Current

Synopsis: allow airunits and naval units to improve / upgrade with a new radar-tech (= particpate from the antiair-tech)

Design Summary:

Radar / Funkmess was researched by the allies and the axis, and naval units as well as air units gained many advances when they had the upperhand in this techrace.

So simply allow naval and air units to upgrade antiairtech as well.

With this tech installed ships and air units should be able to improve their spotting abillities.

If LEADING this tech race (or better: when fighting against an enemy unit with inferior antiair tech,

Destroyers (DD) and Carriers (CV) should be more deadly against subs (SS)

SS should be able to avoid DD a bit better

SS should cause slightly more havoc against enemy convoy lines

DD, CA and BB should cause slightly more damage against enemy DD, CA, BB and CV

CV should suffer slightly less damage when attacking enemy cities or resources which are defended by antiair with less sophisticated AA-tech.

Air units in generaly should suffer less damage when leading the AA-tech (Eliminating air defences through deception - Operation Windows / strips of tinfoils to jam the enemy radar).

Problem 1: one could argue that this tech is already ment to be part of the improvements in several other techs and therefor not really nescessary

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