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I just purchased the last enstallment

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How long has this game been out? Well I just picked it up while x-mas shopping. Saw it in a discount bin for under $6.00

Well it's just as I expected...a wonderfull addition to the series. I think the graphics look better or maybe its just the abundance of lighter shades in the game, i don't know. I really like how the dust effects create los problems. Anyway, it is refeshing being able to play the British and US again.


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Just got the game?

Go to www.cmmods.com

(when its up).

Open an account.

Go to MikeyD listed under "by Designer".

Download these mods - in this order:

All the PzIVs

All the Shermans

All the PzIIIs

All the Stuarts

All the Tigers

All the half-tracks (listed either under 'M3 Stuart' or 'Truck')

All the Staghounds

All the Stugs

all the Greyhounds

Did I forget any? :D

Oh yeh. Some of the German stuff shared by both games will be on the CMBB side of cmmods.com.


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Thanks, I'll definately check it out. I think that I installed a lot of graphic mods when I installed CMBB "special ed.". If I recall it came with a disk containing all kinds of mods.

Unfortuately, I never saw the game without the mods, so I don't know how much it improved it, lol.

Do these mods change anything in the game dealing with actual combat or is it just a visual mod?

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