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CMBO graphics are better


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Well, I use a ton of mods for CMBO. (Maybe too much- I'm reaching the point where it says the ResEdit file can't be written or something? :confused: ). The CMAK graphics are good IMHO. No mods needed there. (Except for a US "portrait" mod, but I can't seem to replace a mod with the original stuff w/out re-installing the whole thing)

I would like the shockwave graphics to return, though. smile.gif

God bless,

"P. Cornelius Patton"

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Thanks Philippe, Im in the learning process of using mods so itl take me awhile. I admit that the graphics out of the can in CMBO dont look as apealing as CMAK but they , at least for me, project a better 3D environment. Shock waves, early Laura Croft and Bushmills are good

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