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What's up with 00001640.wav?

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I'm gonna have nightmares now with some guy saying that to me, and then they'll truck me off to prison for being a being opposed to the Nazi regime or sumfink.

But seriously, is that sound used in the game? I haven't heard it, and can't imagine...??? Perhap's an actor got goofy and somehow the cut sneaked onto the CD? A secret codeword telling BFCs contacts to go ahead with the secret plan?

I must know!

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Originally posted by Sergei:

Okay, tell me how do I get the 00001640.wav???

You have to play the mission where you go into Berlin undercover and assassinate the officer in command of the railway depot and steal his ausweis rot so you can get past the guards and blow up the train... or something.
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Clearly this is further proof that BTS planned to include a "French Resistance" portion of the game complete with eavesdropping cafe waiters, coded messages in cigarette papers, and daring midnight crossings of the Pyrenees.

The People Demand Lucie Aubrac!

(Continues search for wav file recording of "I know NUT-thing!")

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Damn, took you losers long enough to find it didn't it? Actually, officially someone noticed it right after release but never followed up on what they thought it was on the forum.

Yes, it is a little audio easter egg for ya. I thought you guys might get a kick outa it.

You should have heard the ones we DIDN'T sneak in.

As to the identity of the voice, nope, its not Germanboy...But your getting warmer....


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