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The Inner Keep:

"Since the fiasco at Fondouk three weeks earlier, the 34th Division has spent every day in remedial training. Practicing night attacks, tank-infantry tactics, and led by the divisional commander, Charles Ryder--marching fifty yards behind rolling artillery barrages" -Army at Dawn

As the Allied forces closed in around Tunis, Axis supply lines shortened and fell on old Italian fortifications.

Day after day and hill after hill the fighting went on, no hill loomed larger than a flattop known as Djebel Tahent. To the Americans it was known as Hill 609. General Bradley recognized that 609 was the linchpin for the entire German defensive nextwork in the area, 3 miles Northeast of Sidi Nsir.

By virtue of it's height, it frowned down on all direct approaches to Mateur from Beja. At 2000' above sea level, this hill dominates the entire area and is capped off by a lonely mesa some 800 yards long by 500 wide. "From the summit a man with a telescope could pick out inidivdual house windows in Mateur tweleve miles away and the hazy smudge of Bizerte another twenty miles beyond."

To seize the hill, Bradley turned to troops who's reputaion was probably the worst in the U.S. Army. Now the men were ready, every rifle was clean and every bayonet was sharp, and they meant to get their honor back.

This is a battle loosely based on the 2 week battle that took place in this area.

There are 2 versions, Sigle Player and Multiplayer. You can get them at The Proving Grounds

Mutiplayer version

Singleplayer version

I would GREATLY appreciate ANY feedback you could provide.

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