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Hi all,

in a setup for one of my games I had to defend a city with lots of paved streets and houses. I placed some trenches in the city, directly on the streets and pavements, no problem.

But when I started the game, the trenches on the pavement disapperaed, leaving my troops in the open.

Bug or feature ? :confused:

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Originally posted by Europa:

Feature. You can place trenches so that they overlap paved road but the part of the trench that do that disapear when you start to play. Still good to be ably to place trenches in the areas between paved roads.

Ummm, I´m not seeing the feature here ?

Trenches placed on pavement just disappear, trenches in the open ( between paved roads ) stay, sure.

Shouldnt the player be warned when placing trenches on pavement ?

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It's a bug that you are allowed to place the trench in a place where it will completely disappear without any warning.

IE it's a bug that the line doesn't go red when the centre of the trench is on the pavement (as it does when the centre of the trench is on rough)

There's a previous thread about this somewhere.

BFC indicated that they didn't really see it as a bug. Sure felt like a bug when it happened to me!

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What I mean is that you may want to place a trench piece in a really narrow patch of open surrounded by paved road/pavement. In order to be able to do so you can place the trecnh so that it overlaps the pavement. You will not do the mistake of putting down trences on paved streets more than once but you will be able easely fit a trench anywhere close to pavement. Hence I find it to be a feature.

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It's still a bug.

The line should go red when the mouse is on the pavement. If you want overlapping trench on pavement, you just put the centre in the open ground where you want the trench to appear.

It's OK that the part of the trench overlapping the pavement disappears. It's not OK that the line doesn't go red when you go to place the centre of the trench on the pavement.

You make the mistake once and maybe loose a battle because of it... that's a bug. Or at the very very least its an undocumented feature: as far as I am aware, there is nothing in the manual that warns you about this.

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