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New Ai attacks the Human battle at TPG

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"A Sword in Algiers"

"Of the nine major landing sites chosen for TORCH in Algeria and Morocco, a beach that American planners had considered among the easiest was proving the most difficult. Eighty miles north of Casablanca, the seaside resort of Mehdia had confounded Brigadier General Lucian Truscott's best efforts to subdue it. Landed badly but without serious opposition, Truscott's 9,000 troops were supposed to capture the modern airfield at Post Lyautey, a few miles up the serpentine Sebou River. Once the field had fallen, aircraft from Gibraltar, and seventy-seven Army P-40's now parked on the escort carrier CHENAGO, would give Patton formidable airpower in Morocco - with bombs and fuel provided by the CONTESSA..." -- An Army at Dawn

I have attempted to setup the battle so that the player defends and is attacked by the Americans. I recommend you set the computer experience to +2 or +3 as attack is not the Ai's greatest strength but with a few careful placements, it can be fun.

Also note that the historical French defenders will be played by the Italians.

Please try it out and as always, all comments welcome and needed!

A Sword in Algiers

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Originally posted by michael_wittman44:

I'll try it. Thanks for the oppurtunity. How many other scenarios have you made?? Is it playable against the AI.

Cool, thanks for trying it out. Please let me know what you think would make it better, or needs tweaking.

I've made maybe 20 - 25 battles and operations. Go to The Proving Grounds and search under the scenarios section for more.

This particular scenario is built specifically so that the Ai attacks you. But I feel it will be a good 2 player scenario also.

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