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Quick question...can I save the map from a QB?

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Another option is to fire a QB and import troops from last autosave of the previous game, so you'll still be able to play on this map. But I think it can only works from last autosave of either a TCP or PBEM game.


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Premade scenarios can actually be opened as imported QB maps with or without the original forces stripped out of it. I recall I once imported CMBB's 'A Warm Place to Sleep' and added KVs and PzIIIs to the original force... and made it mid-summer. A whale of a good game though I got my butt kicjed by the KVs.

Also you should be able to open most scenarios in the scenario editor, rename, change forces/dates/weather/setup zones etc, and resave under a new name (REMEMBER to change the name!). Be careful, there is an odd glitch where if you open the reworked scenario again to work on the name MIGHT revert to origiinal.

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