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Theaters of War for CMx2


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Bogdon wrote,

“World War 2 era is still, in my opinion, one of the best period to depict in wargames: variety of engagements, materiels, theaters, etc.”

I agree; in fact I would go further and state that WWII is by far the most attractive era, with the most potential, for wargames. However…. to “always” set CMX in WWII would be shame, in my very prejudice view.

After five years with the same WWII toys a change would be fun. With the exception of the various Arab/Israelis wars it is only the standoff between the Warsaw Pact and NATO that had the potential for combined arms warfare of a scale large enough to be of interest. (PS. The problem with the Arab/Israelis wars is that most of the action took place in just a few hours one afternoon or morning, there is a limit to how often one can re-fight the Chinese Farm!!)

In fact a large part of the appeal of CMX2, and any setting chosen therefore, comes from the enhanced operational features we have been promised in the new engine. As a simulation of WWII combined arms warfare the current CM is in a stratosphere far above all other wargames. But there is a need, in my view, to set each battle in greater context, to be able to give each battle a greater significance. This is at the heart of the appeal of operational add-ons for CM such as CMMC.

My dream is to play a CMMC version of the Cold War…Third Shock Army crashing through the Fulda Gap…!!!

Anyway, with the new features CMX2 is bound to have any setting will be fun. If it is to be the Pacific Theatre then I hope Burma will be covered as it is probable the only realistic setting for a land based operational game, of any scale, in which to set CMX2.

Greatly looking forward to whatever BFC have planned for us, and yes, I too think it is time they throw us a bone;)

All very good fun,

All the best,


PS. Ace Pilot… for me when the potential for the Cold War to go hot was gone, the Cold War itself was over. But I know what you mean… in my experience Americans tend to use 1991 as the stop date, Brits like me the end of the ‘80s. Everyone to there own.

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In order to have a robust product line it might be tempting for them to put out a laundry list of limited scope titles. No more giant "Eastern Front 41-45" games. Instead we might see "Winter War: Finland" or "Conquest of the Phillipines: 1941". Maybe "Tet '68".

Perhaps they could put out a speculative WWIII series: "Fulda Gap 1958", "Fulda Gap 1968", "Fulda Gap 1978" so we get to fight Jpz Kanones vs massed T62s in one game, M60A2 'Starships" vs T64s in another. Sure it'd be nice to have everything all-in-one, but that would take time to produce. Done as a series we could get the 1958 edition in our hands while they're still compiling data for the 1968 edition. Like former gov. Gerry Brown said, sometimes less is more!

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Originally posted by jim crowley:

CMX2 was, I believe, "presented" as being a platform for potentially many battlefieds, even eras.

However, if CMX2 is indeed a flexible, modular engine, then even if the first offering is not to an individual's taste perhaps it won't take too long to produce new battlefields to suit, eventually, most tastes.

An open ended wargame build kit is not going to happen. A company like Valve can afford to do it, i doubt BFC can.
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Hah! knew I'd seen one like this.

As ever, I fall into line with Kip and back a cold war era game.

After all, most if not all wargames are speculative. Those that are based on actual battles can be verified for accuracy, but the whole point of wargames, originally, was to fight hypothetical battles.

If they remain in WWII, I'll expect to see battlefield engineering, but I'd rather see Cold war era with battlefield engineering

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How is the Ostfront a "sideshow" to Western Europe? God, us Americans are so damned selfish. First we declare any front that we didn't fight on is worthless, now we hate the UN. Save us from ourselves Europeans.

PS a note on the sad state of the dollar: International drug dealers are now being caught with euros, nor greenbacks.

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